What Hair Products You Should Use On Wet Hair

Beauty and haircare is a total science these days! Gone are the days when you could just foam up with any old shampoo, rinse and condition with lashings of supermarket brand conditioner followed by a squirt of salt spray or hair mousse.

If you feel overwhelmed every time you wash and dry, you're not alone. You just do you in the shower, but not before we give you a hot tip - leave the supermarket brands on the shelf and choose quality shampoos and conditioners, preferably those recommended by your hairdresser. This is especially true if you have heavily treated hair or are wearing hair semi permanent hair extensions, eg. tape in hair extensions, hair wefts or micro ring extensions. Your hair will thank you!  

A woman about to apply moisturising hair products to her wet hair

Now let's get down to business and tackle the next steps because that's what we're really here for, right? So keep reading for the official rundown of how to layer hair products straight out of the shower.

Remove Excess Moisture

Before you start the following process, grab a dry towel and blot your hair to remove 50-60 per cent of the moisture. Products are expensive, so you don't want to waste them on overly wet hair. ( Also applies to conditioners - blot your hair dry in the shower before applying to allow the hair to absorb all the goodness. This way, you'll minimise wastage).


After you have blotted and left your hair to air dry a little, you'll want to start with a leave-in conditioner. A leave-in conditioner helps with split ends, controls frizz and acts as a heat protectant against heat tools.

A woman blow drying her long blonde hair after applying styling cream


If you have fine or oily hair, you might want to skip this step. But for medium to thick coarse, wavy or curly hair, we suggest layering something slightly heavier, like a creamy hair mask and oil. 

This step is especially handy to help control unwanted frizzies for those who live in a humid climate.


If your leave-in conditioner doesn't have a heat protectant, now is the time to apply that. Follow this up with styling cream and/or mousse, and then finish off with some texture spray.