How to Still Have Great Looking Hair After Not Washing for Four Days

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Don’t you love the look, smell and touch of clean, sparkling, newly washed hair? It always feels soft and feathery and makes you feel like a brand new person. What we don’t love are the precious minutes it takes to wash, treat and style your hair in the morning when there are a million other things you would rather be doing (like sleeping in for those extra thirty minutes, for example!)

So over the years, we’ve figured out, mainly through trial, error, the best ways to keep hair looking super fresh even when in reality it hasn’t been washed for several days.

It wouldn’t be fair to keep it to ourselves, so here’s how to keep your hair looking clean and cool without needing to touch so much as a drop of water for up to four days at a time:

  1. Use a great shampoo and conditioner that is guaranteed to keep your hair in the best condition possible – one that’s designed for your specific hair type and colour.
  2. Always brush your hair out the last thing before bed and first thing in the morning after you wake up. This eliminates any chance of creating unsalvageable tangles during the night while you sleep, and in the morning it eradicates any knottiness that tends to happen quickly when your mane hasn’t been washed and has layers of added product on top as well.
  3. Next, smooth a dollop of dry shampoo foam on your roots. This won’t add texture or soak up grease, but it will help it look smoother and softer, which is key to helping to disguise three-day-old tresses.
  4. After that, use regular dry shampoo to soak up excess grime and give it a boost of volume.
  5. Lastly, hair always looks better with a bit of a wave, so grab your GHD and run it through to give it a few subtle bends, leaving the ends straight for a cool-girl, edgy finish.
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