Tape Hair Tips

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Tape Hair Tips

Before Applying

  • If you have any split ends in your natural hair we recommend having a trim. Split ends can catch on the hair extensions causing future tangling.
  • Get your roots done before applying extensions if this is something you regularly have done.
  • Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo. Don’t condition. Dry hair completely.

When Applying

  • Ensure your hair in the middle of each tape sandwich is thin enough to allow the top & bottom tape adhere strongly together. If too much hair is in between the tapes they will not bond to each other strongly and shampoo and hair products could get between causing the extensions to come loose.
  • If you wear your extensions high up on your head you might find at times the top extension tapes can sometimes be seen. To avoid this and completely conceal your tape hair we recommend extra taping the top layer. To do this apply tape sandwich as usual. Then using a roll of our extension tape, cut a 4cm piece of tape and tape over the top layer. Fold your natural hair down over the tape and smooth down. You will now have a thin layer of your hair bonded to the extension completely hiding it. This is not bulky or uncomfortable. Similarly if you like to wear your hair up apply extra tape on the underside of the bottom tapes at the back and sides of your head and smooth your hair over the tape.
  • Have your hairdresser razor cut your extensions in if needed to blend with your hair for a completely natural look.


  • Use good quality products. We stock and recommend X-Ten products designed specifically for extensions.
  • After washing scrunch and let dry naturally with a bit of a wave. We use Indian remy for our tape hair. A natural gentle wave after washing is common.
    Or blow dry and tame any frizz with a quick go over with a straightening iron. Gentle waves created with a heat styler also blend extensions well with your hair to create a natural look.
  • Tie your hair up or plait when sleeping.
  • Rinse after swimming.


  • To remove use our tape hair solvent with convenient flip nozzle for easy application. Pour a little on each tape sandwich, leave for 20 seconds & peel extensions apart. Pour a little more on if needed to remove extensions gently and cleanly from your hair.
  • A great tip to manage tape hair goo and residue- keep a small bowl of cornstarch or cornflour next to you while removing tape extensions. Dip your fingers into the cornflour and rub to remove any stickiness. Dust some into hair where extensions have been removed and comb through. This removes any left over residue both from the tape hair glue and solvent.
  • Wash hair twice with a clarifying shampoo. If reapplying tape hair don’t condition but dry thoroughly. Apply brand new tape hair or clean and reuse that which has just been removed.


  • To reapply tape hair that has just been removed after growing out it must first be cleaned of all old tape, glue residue and solvent.
    Peel all old glue from extensions, wipe over the top tab with solvent and shampoo thoroughly with a clarifying shampoo. Gently blow dry extensions.
  • Using our hair extension tape roll cut 4cm pieces and apply to each tape hair tab & you’re ready to re apply.
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