How to Have Great Looking Hair in Photos

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Spring is here and brings with it all kinds of fun and festivities – which in turn means lots of pics of you popping up all over social media, sometimes whether you like it or not. To take the eek factor out of having your picture posted everywhere after a night out, follow these tips to make sure your hair always looks picture ready.

Tip #1: Check for frizzies. You might think you have fixed your mane perfectly with not a hair out of place – don’t be so sure! Bright lights can pick up on the littlest of frizzies that looked fine while you were getting dressed in your bedroom at home. Use a good hair serum to combat this problem. Squeeze some into the palm of your hands, rub together and smooth over the crown of your hair.

Tip #2: Don’t look too overdone. What may seem sleek and perfect in real life could look a little weird in photos. If your hair has been formally styled to a point of severity, rough it up a little to give it a more natural feel. Nobody wants to be remembered for their helmet hair.

Tip #3: Be careful with volumizing products. Teasing your hair and use of volumizer spray is great for casual day wear, but harsh night lights will shine right through this and have the opposite effect, making your hair look thinner instead. Skip the spray and go for a volumizing shampoo instead for a more natural, dense, all-over body.

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