Shine at your school formal; Get your hair ready

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School’s out soon, and if you’re in your last year of high school this means it’s almost time for the end of an era. With any luck, your school formal will be a special night of celebration to mark the occasion, so inevitably you’ll want to look and feel your very best.

When it comes to getting your hairstyle just right for the evening, with so many gorgeous ideas trending on Pinterest this year, the only problem we can possibly imagine anybody having is deciding which look to settle on for the night!

This year’s school formal hairstyles are natural, loose, a little messy, and with plenty of volume. Fresh and youthful is in, you don’t want to look too severe or grown-up. Up-do’s, down-do’s, and half up-and-down-do’s will all make an appearance. Any kind of braiding is in. Stylish buns too. Accessories like flowers, jewels, headbands, tiaras and even glitter can all add some extra colour and sparkle. Asymmetrical hair, long, voluminous and flowing down over one shoulder, will look amazing, especially when enhanced with some of our clip in extensions. Try a volume enhance set for a little extra body, or an original full head clip in set to really drop some jaws and turn heads on the night.

Whether you decide to go for a classic or bold look, your hair should match all the other elements of your wardrobe on the day, including your shoes, dress and makeup.

Oh, and have a wonderful time!

Tip: Be sure to book an appointment for the day with your salon well in advance, to ensure you’ve nailed down your favourite stylist. Come well prepared: this may mean arming yourself with an array of different pics as close to the actual ‘do you want as possible. Don’t wash your hair for at least a day or so beforehand, to make it easier to manage. Slightly dirty hair always looks better when it comes time to style it too.

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