16 Different Ways to Style the New 2020 Bob Hairstyle

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At Medusa, we’ve never been big fans of super long, over the top hairstyles. This probaby sounds funny coming from a hair extension brand? Not really, because if you’ve been following along, you’ll already know that we are more about enhancing what nature gave us rather than overshadowing it. We believe that your hair should attract attention for all the right reasons and look as natural as possible, even after its been styled. Knowing this, you probably aren’t surprised that we are from Byron Bay; the mecca of messy, textured beach hair and boho hairstyles!

The bob is back

Just lately, we’ve noticed that all the top hairstylists are talking about shorter hair and natural styling being a super popular trend in 2020. Hair extensions are perfect for adding extra volume and texture to most hairstyles, including the bob. 

To check out the new, improved 2020 bob, we hit Instagram. Here’s what we found:

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