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From I just woke up looking like this sultry goddess beachy waves look to red carpet polished power glamour… don’t just envy all those #instababes … creating oh my goodness crazy beautiful hair is super easy with Medusa Human Hair Extensions

We manufacture all types of hair extensions and can help you find the perfect match for you and your lifestyle. Send us an email or give us a call if you need some help choosing the best method and colour for you.

See our colour matching service on our online store where you can easily upload pictures of your hair or pictures of hair that you love. If you’re local to Byron Bay you can also drop by so we can assist you in person. For our Australia wide customers delivery takes 1-3 business days. International post takes 4-10 business days depending on the method you choose in checkout. Tracking is provided right to your door for all orders.

Choose from our many types of human hair extensions to suit your look and lifestyle.

Clip in Human Hair Extensions

Our clip in human hair extensions are the perfect option to use here and there to add some glamour without the commitment and maintenance needed with more permanent extensions. They’re all very easy and quick to  apply by simply sectioning off your hair and snapping the secure silicone lined clips in place. Choose from our many stock options which include full head clip in hair extension sets & clip on human hair fringes and ponytails.
We can also make to order larger sets and any ombre combination clip in hair extension set allowing you to choose your perfect colour and length ratio of dip dye hair.
Clip in extensions are very easy to care for and shampoo and condition over the bathroom sink. Leave flat on a towel to dry naturally or gently blow dry. See our post on ‘how to wash clip in extensions’. They can also be heat styled when dry with straightening and curling hair tools.
Wear frequently or just for special occasions. Clip in extensions are a popular choice for wedding and formal hair.

Tape in Human Hair Extensions

Tape hair extensions are one of the latest innovations in human hair extension application. They’re hugely popular with our professional members as they’re so quick and easy to apply, hold extremely well and are comfortable to wear.
They’re a little tricky to apply yourself but can easily be done with some help from a friend. Many of our customers take their tape hair to a hairdresser to apply for them.

Tape hair extensions are so quick to apply, you’ll have luscious long thick dream hair in the time it will take you to flick through a Who magazine!

Our super strong waterproof tape lasts and holds for many months and we recommend having your tape hair adjusted every 6-8 weeks. Use our tape hair solvent to remove your extensions, peel the old tape off and reapply a new strip of tape and you’re ready to use again! Also see our Tape Hair Tips

Microring Human Hair Extensions

which include

Easy Loop, I Tip Stick & Mini Ring (known by other brands as Nano Ring)

Microring hair extensions are a perfect do it yourself product. No special traing is needed and they’re fairly easy to apply without assistance. We stock  i tip stick hair extensions and easy loop that both fall under the microring category as they’re clamped in with pliers and small metal beads.
Easy loop extensions all have a threading loop and microring a;ready attached making them as they sound, very easy to apply. Easy loop extensions can generally be adjusted once when the hair grows out or if any slipping occurs but are not designed to be reapplied many times.
I tip hair extensions are best applied with silicone lined microrings giving them extra grip on the hair. These are another favourite with hairdressers and extension professionals. I tip extensions can be removed and reapplied many times.

We can also make to order mini ring extensions (also sometimes refered to by others as nano ring). These are similar to  i tip extensions but have a metal post sticking out of the top of the keratin bond. Extremely small beads are used to clamp the tiny metal post into the hair making these type of extensions quite undetectable.

Weft Human Hair Extensions

which include

Sew in Weaves & Easy Beaded Wefts

Sewn in weaves using machine wefts and hand tied wefts have stood the test of time being one of the oldest but also most popular extension application methods. They’re not a do it yourself method but if you have a salon nearby that does sewn in wefts it’s well worth spending on having a professional apply it. Weaves are sewn into tiny cornrow braids and done well with a colour closely matching your root colour they can be completely invisible in your hair. They can feel a little tight for a few days but that quickly subsides. They’ll need adjusting about every 6 weeks.
More recently wefts are being applied using silicone lined microrings with the easy weft method. A microring is attached both to your hair and to the weft hair spaced about every inch. This has become another popular extensions application method.

Bonded- Nail Tip Fusion Human Hair Extensions

Bonded or fusion human hair extensions are tipped with keratin which is melted into the hair to create a bond using a fusion or extension iron. They can be made with a variety of shaped tips but the most convenient to apply are nail or u tip extensions. We can make these for you in any length, colour or texture.

Ombre Human Hair Extensions

We stock a range of ombre colour combinations in tape hair extensions. They can be mixed and matched with solid colours to create beautiful mixes and more subtle balayage blends.

We can also make any product including clip in, i tip and wefts in any ombre combination in our made to order custom range.

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