An interview with I Am Love Hair Extensions - Medusa Brand Partner

While hair extensions have been around for what seems like forever, they saw a rise in popularity in the 1980s as people truly embraced the concept of self-expression through fashion, hair and makeup. And they've never really gone away. In 2007 Medusa Founder Suzy Wilson recognised a gap in the market for high quality, great value hair extensions. Fast forward fifteen years and she is now answering a growing demand for hair extension services here in Medusa's birthplace, Byron Bay.

With that, we're excited to introduce Janey Bulleid from I Am Love Hair Extensions as our new Medusa Brand Partner! Janey is located here in Byron Bay and with 10 years under her belt as a Hair Extensionist and 20 years of styling in the fashion industry in Sydney after studying Hairdressing and design, she certainly knows a thing or two about hair extensions! 

In 2022, many salons are offering extensions as a newer trend, and Janey maintains that what hairdressers deliver now is at the core – still the same. A desire to help their clients feel confident and express themselves the way they want to be perceived. 

We wanted to explore this idea a little more, so in this extensive interview with Janey, we speak about hair extensions, confidence, and how to care for your extensions.

M. Janey, why did you get into hair extensions?

J. Having my own modelling/promotions agency and working as a model myself in Sydney, I wore every type of hair extensions on and off for many years, which inspired me. After being a stylist in the fashion industry and constantly having to keep up with the trends and the evolution of hair I wanted to really concentrate on that big transformation kinda vibe that I love whilst also using my hairdressing school education.

M. How do hair extensions change a person – unrelated to their appearance?

J. Confidence!! That is the first word that comes to mind for me. Hair is part of your personality and a way to show who you are.  Your personal style shines from the inside out!

M. What's the most satisfying part of looking after your clients?

J. I have so many different types of clients. Of course, we have the instant glam kind of looks, then we have event extensions, bridal, festivals, birthdays, that kind of thing. But the most satisfying are the mums or older clientele whose hair may be thinning due to childbearing, and those who have had an illness. I am always so humbled to do clients' hair when they are in recovery and want to get their identity back by just feeling great, and themselves again. Sometimes it brings a tear to the eye. 

M. What do you think people commonly misunderstand about extensions or your services? 

J. I think extensions have come such a long way. I know this because I lived through many a hair extensions disaster back in the day, and know what works and what doesn't.

The main thing clients are concerned about is potential damage to their natural hair. However, I can reassure them that the extension glue we use has been developed over time to avoid damaging our hair while keeping the extensions from moving around and pulling. There should be no damage as long as you follow the hair guide I provide for you after application.

The second most asked question is, ''can I swim and surf with my extensions?''. My advice is to treat your extensions as you would your own long locks - rinse, condition and braid. Then all will be good!

Lastly, the question "will they look and feel natural?". The short answer is yes! The quality of Medusa Hair Extensions is incredible. They use Remy European hair, which is naturally silky and shiny and considered by many to be the highest quality hair extensions you can buy. I colour match and blend to make sure it looks as natural as possible. Medusa also provides a colour matching service. Using the correct products is a must, too, so we include info about this in our hair care guide.

M. When discussing hair extensions with a client, what are 2-3 things you feel are most important to discuss in the chat?

J. There are four equally important questions I'll ask straight up.

1) Do you desire thickness or length? 

2) What length? 

3) Is your hair fine, medium or thick? 

4) What does your lifestyle look like, and what would be the most practical for you?

I will also dive right in to discuss colour blends. Hair is rarely all one colour, so I love to get the perfect blend using up to four different shades to get that perfect match.

M. What advice would you give to someone worried about the effect hair extensions have on your hair?

J. FOLLOW THE CARE INSTRUCTIONS!!!! Treat your extensions kindly as you would your own hair. It's simple.

M. What is the benefit of choosing an extensions specialist over DIY?

J. I wouldn't even apply my own extensions, and I have been doing applications for many years.

Sectioning is essential to creating a balanced look and colour match, and it's very difficult to achieve the perfect look yourself.

M. What maintenance do clients have to do to keep their extensions looking natural and healthy? And how long can they expect them to last?

J. You can reuse your hair up to four times, depending on how well you care for it. Retape every 2-3 months, depending on hair growth and use treatments and serums to maintain shine.

M. How do you keep your clients happy and coming back?

J. I work in salons, and I am also mobile, a bonus for busy people. I have been told I have the great placement, achieving a natural look and filling in the right places. Because I am mobile, I can also offer extra value through very competitive pricing. I think my clients can feel how much I love my job and love transforming hair.

M. For those considering getting hair extensions, what advice would you give them?

J. Go for it! It's fun, experiment, we only live once! I am going to share a little secret here - more people wear extensions than you might think 😉

M. Do you have hair extensions yourself? If so, do you apply them yourself?

J. I do! I love them, and as I said, I have been wearing them on and off for years. I have a hairdresser friend who applies mine as I want the best placement possible.

M. Why do you choose Medusa Hair Extensions as your preferred extensions brand?


M. How can someone who is considering getting Medusa hair extensions find you?

@iamlovehairextensions on Instagram, shoot me a DM

Message me on 0405 388 921
Visit my website, (which is about to go live)  

I Am Love Hair Extensions is a Medusa partner and offers salon and mobile services specialising in tape and clip in hair applications and styling. Areas serviced include Byron Bay, Northern Rivers and Gold Coast, Australia. 


All images supplied by @iamlovehairextensions. 

Extensions applied by Medusa Partner - I Am Love Hair Extensions. 

Hair supplied by Medusa Hair Extensions.

Interview by Sass Glaesner