13 Popular Questions About Medusa Hair Extensions – Answered

13 Popular Questions About Medusa Hair Extensions – Answered

All extensions aren’t created equal, and we know that choosing extensions online can be a tricky task, especially with so many variables to consider. Because of that, you can probably imagine how many questions we answer each day. A lot, right? Ok, now times that by ten and we might be getting close!

When buying extensions, especially for the first time, you really want to get it right. We totally understand, which is why we have created a FAQ page HERE to help answer some of your easy to solve, most frequently asked questions. 

But what about the curly questions, the ones that you can’t seem to find an answer to anywhere? Just hop onto ‘live chat’ on our website, (tap on the little black and white speech bubble on the bottom right of the screen), and ask away. Our hair expert will respond as soon as she’s free.

While you wait, we’ve answered another 13 popular questions about Medusa hair extensions that popped up in today’s live chat messages! After reading, you should be feeling a whole lot more knowledgable. 

Colour Query

Q. I have virgin hair. I want to purchase extensions and have my hairdresser colour them to match my hair. Which colour would be best to purchase?
A. If you want your hairdresser to colour your extensions to match, choose one shade lighter than your natural hair colour.


Easy Micro Loop Answers 

Q. Hi, do your micro loop hair extensions include the microbeads, or do the microbeads need to be ordered as well?
A. Medusa Original Easy Micro Loop extensions have the microring and threading loop attached to each extension. They are quick and easy to apply. You will also need a pair of pliers which are sold under our accessories section. 

Original I-Tip Stick Hair Need-To-Know’s

Q. What do I need for I-Tip hair extensions?
A. Original I-Tip Stick Hair extensions resemble the end of a shoelace. You will need silicone-lined microrings, a loop threader and pliers which you can purchase from our accessories section. 

Q. How do I apply my I-Tips?
A. You apply I-Tips, by first threading a microring onto your hair using the loop threading tool. The I-Tip end is then pushed up into the microring and clamped closed with pliers.

Trim the tips of the I-tip down to about half their length, so they are just a little longer than the microring. This prevents them poking into your head and being uncomfortable.

Q. What kind of hair do I-Tips suit best?
A. I-tips are a little more secure than other extension types on most hair but are especially suited to those with fine, smooth hair. 

Blonde Questions

Q. I usually buy platinum blonde clip-ins elsewhere, and the colour is super icy blonde, whereas Medusa platinum blonde is quite warm. I love the quality so much, but what do you advise I do to achieve an icy blonde?
A. Many of our customers tone their Medusa 60# Platinum Blonde with a purple shampoo. It’s a good idea to mix it with a little regular shampoo, so it doesn’t ‘take’ too much.

Q. What toner do you suggest to prevent my Sandy Blonde 10/60P# from turning a little gold with time?
A. We recommend De Lorenzo Nova Fusion Silver Shampoo. It works very well to eliminate brassy tones, but make sure you also use an excellent conditioner from our X-Ten range of hair care products, as toning shampoos can really dry out the hair!

Curly Questions

Q. How do I care for my custom clip-in bodywave extensions?
A. The wave is loosely permed into your bodywave extensions. Clip-ins don’t need to be washed too often, but when you do, gently detangle them while wet, give them a bit of a scrunch up and let them dry naturally flat on a towel.

Q. Is it safe to use a shampoo that has soy and wheat protein in it?
A. It is generally best to avoid high protein products on extensions. Check out our great range of hair care products HERE. They are especially selected to care for your extensions.


Good-To-Know-For-Sporty-Types Questions

Q. Hi, I need hair extensions for fitness competitions. Are clip ins easy to apply and how secure are they?
A. Clip-ins are very secure and easy to apply. To help keep them secure, tease the hair back a little where the clip will be attached and spray in a little hair spray. You’ll be able to do cartwheels without them falling out!

Q. I’d like to know which extensions are best in your opinion for someone who wears their hair in a ponytail daily?
A. Clip-in sets are a good option as they are easily concealed. If wearing your hair in a high pony, apply the back pieces upside down, so all the clips lay flat and run in the direction of the ponytail base.

Discount Dilemmas

Q. Why won’t my $10 sign up voucher work? I want to purchase before the 20% off special ends.
A. Oop, sorry, but you can only use one discount at the same time.

Wondering About Delivery Timeframes 

Q. I would like to order an ombre set to blend with my own hair. How long will it take?
A. A custom-made ombre set will take about 3 weeks to be made and delivered. We can customise the length to suit as well, just leave us a message at checkout noting how many inches of length you want.