2018 Hair Trends

2018 Hair Trends

As we roll on towards the middle of 2018, we thought we’d cover some of the freshest hair trends for this year as predicted by industry experts.

Here are some of the hottest trending hairstyles to spot (and do) this year:

Ultra-long Hair

Long, bone straight, Cher-inspired hair has come back and is here to stay for a little while. This look is the perfect time for you to wear your best, longest, thickest set of Medusa Extensions. Use your straightener and a mascara wand coated with hairspray to tame flyaways, and make sure you apply your deepest nourishing hair masks regularly, to keep all that hair in tip-top condition.

The Curtain Fringe

Long, piecey, textured and slightly parted in the centre to let your forehead peek through. Jen Aitken, a hairstylist to the A-listers, has been chopping this thick, decadent fringe into her clients, a sure sign that it’s a trend that’s here to stay.

Tiger-eye Coloured Hair

Although balayage shows no signs of slowing down, it has transitioned into different variations, such as the deeper, more integrated tiger-eye colour. Hand-painted caramel highlights over chocolate hues make this hair colour deliciously warm and subtler than its brighter origins. As the highlights aren’t as light as traditional balayage, you can ask your colourist to go stripy, just like the deep golden to brown colours found in a tiger’s eye stone, without fearing that the end result will look harsh.

Retro Inspired and Innovative Accessories

The resurgence of accessories is a no-brainer, after their appearance all over the catwalks in 2017. Anything goes, from jewelled, decadent crowns, to simply tied ribbons in cool textiles such as leather or velvet. You can use accessories to create a bubbled ponytail like Rhianna did at her spring Fenty Puma show. At the show, models walked the runway sporting ponytails tied at random intervals with elastic neon string, creating unevenly bubbled sections along the length of the pony.

Images via fashiotopia.com (incl. feature image), Pinterest and Mane Addicts