3 Easy Grown Up Hairstyles

3 Easy Grown Up Hairstyles

Do you have a friend who always looks put together and very grown-up? She has most probably nailed her personal style through trial and error and knows how to work it to her best advantage with absolutely minimum time and effort. An essential part of this is finding a few go-to hairstyles that work for any occasion.

To help you minimise the time and effort spent trying to look as effortlessly stylish as your friend, we’ve identified these three easy grown-up hairstyles that will take you from the office to gym to dinner and drinks with friends with barely a touch up required.

1. Straight Hair With Bent Ends

Add more movement to your hair with minimum fuss and effort by bending the ends with a straightening iron. A bend at the bottom will give your hair a softer look and also looks great when you tuck behind your ears.

2. Sleek Ponytail

A ponytail is an easy way to keep long hair looking sleek and well-groomed throughout the whole day. Always make sure your parting is sharp and that you get control of any messy-looking flyaways.

3. Messy High Bun

Pull your hair into a bun, then pull out some tendrils around the base of your hairline, at the fringe and behind your ears to create a soft, casual style. Perfect for casual Fridays and weekends when you want that just rolled out of bed look.