3 Easy Weekend Hairstyles

3 Easy Weekend Hairstyles

When the clock hits 5 pm on Friday it’s time to let your hair down… or throw it up… or just have fun with it. Here are our top three hairstyle picks that will help you look and feel fantastic while making the most of your precious weekend time. Don’t forget your hair extensions for effortless added volume and length.

  1. Half-up twist: this style is fresh and flirty with plenty of volume and bounce. Perfect for brunch or foraging for goodies at your local flea market.

Divide the upper half of your mane at the crown and tease it from underneath by slowly combing it back towards your scalp. With your fingers, smooth over the teased area, then gather your locks together at the back of your head, and bobby pin in place. Separate a small section of hair from above either ear, and twist the strands behind your head, then pin in the centre at the back, but with the pins twisted underneath and hidden from view.

  1. Messy high pony: look like an off-duty model with this ultra-cool dishevelled ponytail.

Use your curling wand to create random, undone curls, leaving the ends straight, which is the part that will make it look natural yet edgy. Spray with volumizer before fixing it up into a high, mussed-up pony on the top of your head.

  1. Mermaid waves with side swept fringe: luscious, long, mermaid waves look extra-lush when worn with bangs falling softly on your forehead.

Create random soft waves with your curling tongs, by dividing your hair into thirds from top to bottom, and working from the bottom up. When you reach the top, start curling about ten cm away down from your part so the waves don’t start all the way from your roots. Lightly tease under the top section of hair and use some spray wax or volumizing spray to finish, running your hands through your hair to create a piecey finished effect.