3 Important Things To Know When Ordering Medusa Halo Hair Extensions

3 Important Things To Know When Ordering Medusa Halo Hair Extensions

In 2020, Custom Halo Hair Extensions overtook other extension methods to rank as one of our top 3 most popular hair categories, along with Tape-Ins and Original Clip-Ins. 

If you’re not exactly sure what Halo hair is, or how it compares to other methods, you can find out more in this blog post we wrote back in July.

Now you know what they are, and how they differ to other methods, read on for the three main things we think you need to consider when you are ordering your new Halo hair.

Colour Match

Either choose from any of the colours shown or if you would prefer hair that’s perfectly matched to your highlighted or coloured hair. Simply choose the custom option and follow the instructions below for colour matching.

View our colour guides HERE 

Find our colour matching service HERE.

Blend Your Halos

Cutting your Halo hair will make it look much thicker. We advise you to take your new Halo extensions to your regular hairdresser and ask them to fix the hair into place and cut it to match your desired style. This will create a seamless look and ensure the hair is not distinguishable from your own natural hair.

Note: If you decide to take the quicker option of buying an in-stock colour and colour it yourself or have it coloured by your hairdresser rather than have us colour it for you, you should always buy hair that is a shade or two lighter than the colour you want. This is because it is ok to colour darker, but you shouldn’t attempt to bleach or lighten extensions. Bleaching will cause the already treated hair to become dry and brittle, and you won’t get the soft, healthy hair look you are after.

Adjust To Fit

We get lots of questions about how our Halos fit? Don’t worry, Medusa Halo hair is entirely adjustable to suit any sized head, and it comes in 16″- 22″ lengths and weights from 40g -160g. You can also choose between straight and wavy.

The size can be adjusted for the perfect fit with 3 nylon wires in different lengths with hooks attached. These are included with each Halo.

You can also use with or without 3 silicone lined securing clips that will keep your Halo secure and comfortable all day and night. These clips are designed solely for an extra secure hold, and the beauty about them is that you can simply remove the clips if you do not want to use them.