3 Tips For Taming Unruly Bangs

3 Tips For Taming Unruly Bangs

Most of us are doing time in a world without access to beauty therapists and hairdressers. Aside from a quick brush and a touch of lip glaze for a Zoom meeting, this probably means you are becoming super bored with your appearance. The novelty of raking your grown-out, slightly depressed hair into a low pony and walking the 80 step triangle from the bathroom to your office desk to the fridge and back, (in our case, 125 times to reach our 10,000 daily steps target), is. taking. its. toll!

If you want/need a bit of a change to get through the next month of self-isolation, have you thought about cutting your own bangs? Yes, girl, now we’ve mentioned it, you know you want to do it!

Get Control!

  1. If you have cowlicks, continually comb your bangs side to side, really focusing on the opposite direction (of the cowlick) to break the growth pattern. Use a fine-tooth comb. It may take a little time and perseverance, but with persistence, you’ll get there.
  2. If you have tried training with a comb, but it’s still not working, use bobby pins to pin your bangs in the opposite direction to the natural flick while you sleep. This solution isn’t a quick fix, but it will eventually reform the existing growth habits.
  3. Split your hair into two sections and tackle each section with a flat iron. Ever so lightly curl the hair under at the very tips. Not too much, unless you’re going for the same look as you had back in the day when your mum styled your hair for the family portraits. 

Bangs Without The Hassle

Ok, we get it, bangs can be a bit of work. If you’ve tried cutting in a fringe a few times and regretted it because you could never get it to look just the way you wanted, we suggest a less permanent solution. How about a clip-In fringe? With a clip-in fringe, you get to try out different looks with zero risk, and avoid the year and a half it’ll take to grow your bangs back out. 

Whether you decide to level up your tik tok with some fringe cutting fun, or play around with a less permanent look, we give you full permission to unleash some creativity!

Love, Medusa xx