3 Ways To Curl Your Hair With A Hair Straightener

3 Ways To Curl Your Hair With A Hair Straightener

Youtube is full of tutorials about how to curl your hair with a hair straightener, and even  TikTok has a great range of hair hacks to get you up to speed. But, here we have decided to step you through some different techniques and tricks to get your best curls with a hair straightener.

Get Prepared

You do need to know what kind of hairstyle you want before you start. Why? Because the way you approach the task will vary. You don’t create relaxed beach waves using the same technique as you would for a super curly style. You also need to make sure your hair is clean and free of products. Clean hair will hold the curl better and will slide through the hot iron more smoothly to help get the best results. Now, if you’re ready, read on.

Slide Waves

This look works for most occasions and it’s really not very hard to achieve. Simply take a one-inch section of hair and clamp your curling iron a few inches from the roots. Slide the iron down the hair, rotating your wrist back and forth to create a smooth wave. 

To create a tighter ripple effect, grab the ends and pull firmly then twist your wrist rapidly as you iron the hair. Be sure to spray on a texturising spray before you start. This will help the waves to hold.

If you want more sophisticated waves, grab the end of the section and pull firmly as you rotate the iron back and forth. Then curl the ends under a little. Finish off with a spritz of shine spray and voila!

Wrap Waves

Take a section of hair and feed it through the iron tongs, then clamp and wrap the hair once around the iron. Tilt the iron into an almost vertical position and pull the iron downwards to create big bouncy waves.

To achieve a slightly messy beach wave, start as above, but instead of wrapping around once, coil all the hair around the wand and hold it horizontally as you pull the hair through halfway. Let it out, then start again where you left off, curling the rest of the hair around the iron. Do this until you’ve curled almost to the end. Leave the ends straight. Comb the hair through and spray with salt spray to texturise and give your style a just been to the beach look.

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S – Waves

This technique is super simple, and the end result will resemble the way your hair looks after you have taken it out of braids.

You want to weave small sections of hair down the length of the clamped hot iron in ‘S ‘shapes. The smaller the sections of hair, the more pronounced the resulting waves. Spray with a texturising spray to create more movement.

Good -To-Know Tips


  1. You will need a good quality, thin, round straightening iron. otherwise you won’t get great curls.
  2. Good quality irons work faster and are therefore less damaging to your hair. They can have a big impact on things like shine and curl.
  3. Take into account the type of hair you have. Fine hair is easily damaged, so you will need a temperature that’s at the lower end of the scale – say 300 degrees. For thick, coarse or naturally frizzy hair, you will need to go hotter, around 350 to 400 degrees to achieve the results you’re after.
  4. Don’t forget to use a heat protectant. Spray liberally all over your hair

Are you ready for the red carpet? Because your curls are…

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