5 Myths About Women’s Hair You Can Forget Right Now

5 Myths About Women’s Hair You Can Forget Right Now

Hair myths – fact or fiction? There is so much confusing information around the business of hair care. While some of it is factual, some of it is totally bogus!

It’s time to reveal the truth about what’s fact versus fiction once and for all; here is a list of the most common hair myths explained:

Myth #1: There Are Hair Products That Exist Which Can Actually Repair Split Ends

Truth: There are products available which will temporarily bind the ends of your hair together, essentially like glue does, but it won’t last long. You’re better off practising a good prevention strategy to begin with. Taking proper care of your hair by eating well and keeping it nourished and hydrated with good hair products will keep your split ends at a minimum. Go slowly when brushing your hair while it’s damp, as wet hair is more prone to breaking and snapping. Ultimately, the only long term solution to get rid of split ends is to cut them off and to do this sooner rather than later.  Once hair strands have been split into two or more splices, the splits will continue to travel up the shaft unless the hair is trimmed off before this can happen.

Myth #2: Cutting Your Hair Regularly Will Make It Grow Faster

Truth: The speed of your hair growth depends upon the health of your hair (which is up to you) and genetics (not exactly within your control).  Getting regular trims will keep your mane looking fresh and thick and eradicate split ends, but it won’t help it grow longer any quicker. If you want instantly longer, fuller hair, try out our comprehensive top quality range of Medusa hair extensions.

Myth #3: The More You Brush Your Hair The Better It Is For Your Hair Health

Truth: This is simply not true. While brushing your hair in moderation with the right kind of hairbrush for your hair type is good for keeping it free of tangles, massaging your scalp, and encouraging the spread of natural oils through the rest of your hair, too much brushing can pull and snap the hair causing more harm than good.

Myth #4: Colour Takes Better To Dirty Hair

Truth: Not true. Colour actually takes better on clean hair with no product build-up or residue. Wash your hair thoroughly the night before you get a colour (DIY or professional), and condition as usual. Washing the night before will allow your skin time too produce some natural oils that will provide a barrier to protect your scalp from the chemical processing. Avoid using styling products.

Myth #5: Stress Turns Your Hair Grey

Truth: You can stop worrying about this one now because if it was true, we’d all be snow white by the time we finished studying! Your genes determine when you go grey. When the cells that produce melanin — your hair pigment — no longer produce colour, that’s it, there is no coming back. There is no current scientific proof that stress accelerates grey hair but it can cause other unpleasant side effects like excessive hair loss. If you are concerned, please see your doctor.

And there you have it, 5 most popular hair myths – busted! 🙂