5 Reasons To Love Wearing Hair Extensions

5 Reasons To Love Wearing Hair Extensions

If you still haven’t figured out that hair extensions are a must have accessory that will help you to feel and look your very best, here are a few reasons off the top of our heads to get you inspired, and on the way to start wearing your very own hair extensions today!

  1. Have the option of long or short hair at any time:

If you can’t decide whether you prefer to keep your cute, shaggy bob, or to transition your mane into long, cascading curls, that’s fine, because with our top-quality range of hair extensions, you can have both whenever you want. Clip in hair extensions are easy and quick to attach and remove whenever suits you. Alternatively, tape in hair extensions are applied just the one time professionally by your stylist, there’s nothing more that needs to be done, and they last for two months.

  1. Add volume and length to your hair:

Medusa Australia has never had as many different lengths and weights on offer in our store as we have today. Browse our site to see how you can add effortless volume and length to your locks using our selection of clip in, tape in, microring, wefts and more.

  1. Add a fringe or a ponytail:

If you love the look of having a fringe, just not all the time, then try one of our beautiful human hair fringes, available in an extensive range of colours. If your hair isn’t long enough to have a ponytail, or you just want to add some extra oomph to your usual pony, try one of ours for instant, bouncy, pony action.

  1. Cover up short, or thinning hair:

I get really frustrated with the miniscule amount of hair that naturally grows on my head. No matter how much fish oil I ingest, or how many hot oil treatments I apply, nothing compares to how much fuller and longer my hair instantly becomes when I add my hair extensions. I feel so much better about the way my hair looks with long, gorgeous locks, which at the end of the day, increases my overall confidence.