6 Favourite Go To Hairstyles

6 Favourite Go To Hairstyles

Hair by Emma Chen and via Pinterest

Fave lipstick, fave summer flick, fave book, fave first kiss, fave hairstyle. When it comes to listing our favourite things, the favourite hairstyle is a no-brainer. It’s the one that’s simple to create, practical, and makes you look and feel gorgeous. It’s the hairstyle that never lets you down. Whether it’s a first date or a work function, it’s the one you use when you want to look and feel your coolest confident self, sans worry. Scroll through this list and let the perfect favourite hairstyle help you take any occasion to the next level.

1: Ponytails: up, down, sleek, messy, dead-centre, or to the side, the classic ponytail never goes out of fashion. Due to its wonderful versatility, there’s a style of pony that exists to suit every girl. Refer to our selection of clip in ponytails for an effortlessly gorgeous ponytail, no matter the length of your natural hair.

emma chen pony

2: Down with Waves: long, beachy, mermaid tresses are lusciously fun and easy to achieve with our extensive range of hair extensions.

loose blonde wavy hair
emma chen hair

3: Long, Sleek, and Slicked Back: elegant, classic, and timeless; shiny, stick-straight locks can be achieved with long or short hair. Just brush your mane out well, straighten with hair tongs, and add some serum for gloss and hold.

shay mitchell slicked back

4: Long and Layered: Jennifer Aniston wears this best. You can do this with medium length to long hair. Add some volume and bounce by blow drying it with a wave, like Rachel did in the ‘90s.


jen aniston long layers
long layers
Tay long layers

5: The Messy Topknot: looks great with second-day hair. If it’s freshly washed, spray in some volumizer for added texture to help with the ‘messy’. Throw your hair up high and gather it together, tease, and twist into a loose high bun with a hair tie, securing with bobby pins if needed.


messy-top-knot pinterest

6: Braided: Fishtails, waterfalls, Dutch braids and milkmaids, braids are sexy and practical, take no time at all, and can be worn in an endless variety of ways.

Emma Chen
emma chen milk maid low bun
emma chen double braids