6 Great Hairstyles For Your Workout

6 Great Hairstyles For Your Workout

There’s no reason why you can’t look cute at the gym, during yoga, or outside slogging it out on the running track. Try these practical hairstyles that won’t allow for your ‘do to distract you during sessions, and still look gorgeous while you work up a sweat.

Messy Top Knot or Bun: It takes a minute to throw together, and with the help of some clips and a headband, you can relax while you exercise, knowing it looks better a little loose and dishevelled.

Single French braid or Double Dutch braid: keeps your mane firmly away from your face, while still helping you look like a knockout. The plaits keep any loose strands securely tucked away, allowing you to do your thing without worrying. Ideal for when headwear is necessary, such as hats, helmets and swimming caps.

Low bun: sleek and chic. Smear on some smoothing product to keep your sheen at bay. Looks great with a cap popped on over the top.

Braided ponytail: the super sexy style of a pony, without the painful lashes to your face, so it’s great for high-cardio workouts like a spin class or the treadmill.

High pony: whip your hair back and forth in a high pony during the perfect workout mode to benefit, such as Zumba. Add some curls onto the end of your pony for extra bounce as you bust a move, and smooth back your forehead with some styling lotion to tame flyaways.

Low pony with a deep side part: part on the side and secure with a strong elastic slightly to one side so your hair falls over the front of one shoulder. Smooth on some styling balm and finish with a dollop of serum. Save this one for low intensity workouts, like Pilates and yoga.