6 Hair Care Styling Tips For When You Are Travelling

6 Hair Care Styling Tips For When You Are Travelling

So, you’ve worked really hard all year and now it’s time for six weeks of sunshine, sightseeing, skiing…. Or whatever! The point is, you’re beyond excited. Alternatively, you’ve a work trip coming up, and it’s chock full of appointments, hotels and flights. Among all the usual things to worry about is the question of how on earth you’ll keep your hair looking the way you want it to, while so far away from your bedroom and your stylist.

To help take some of the stress out of this aspect of your trip, we’ve done some research for you. Here is a list of six great tips that will help make managing your hair during this time as easy as possible:

1.  Get a manageable colour before departing: if you’re away for more than a month or so, you might want to re-consider that high maintenance cut and colour you’ve been rocking, and pick something that looks fine while it grows out for a little while.

2. Bring accessories: use headbands or even hats, artfully placed to conceal your hair when you really haven’t had the time or means to get it looking the way you need it to.

3. Pack dry shampoo: every travelling woman’s best companion. Carry a purse-sized bottle with you at all times to spritz your roots for instantly fresh tresses.

4. Pack small size travel bottles: if it’s available, you can bet it’s available in a travel size too. Make sure you check with airline size specifications if you’re taking bottles of product on the plane as carry-on with you.

5. Learn some easy-to-do up-dos: You-Tube and Pinterest are your best friends for this. Get yourself schooled on some easy to throw together up-dos. This will help to minimize stress and save yourself time on hot days, formal events, and increase your general comfort while flying, or on a bus somewhere in Thailand (for example!).

6. Moisturize before swimming: drench your locks with moisture using hair conditioner or natural oils before you dive in. This will act as a protective coating to prevent your hair being dried out and damaged by chlorine or salt. Simply shampoo it out afterwards.