6 Hair Hacks That Will Up Your Hair Game

6 Hair Hacks That Will Up Your Hair Game

There are certain tips and tricks that can be complete game changers when it comes to hair. Even if you’re into hair as much as I am and you think you know almost everything, there’s probably one or two out of the following list of awesome hair hacks that will up your hair game and make the next two minutes completely worth your while…

Hair Hacks

1. A high ponytail can look super amazing, but if you have extra thick hair sometimes it can be a struggle to keep it up there nice and high. For all-day support, place a bobby pin either side at the base of the pony.

2. Bend forward at the waist for the first part of your blow dry. Not only will it get the underneath of your hair done first so you can focus on the front part, but you’ll get some added volume from giving your roots a boost.

3. Get some more control over where your hairspray lands and avoid ending up with a crunchy helmet head of hair, by spraying it onto your hands first and carefully smoothing it on only where you want it.

4. To get the illusion of a longer looking ponytail, separate your hair into two top and bottom halves, and create two ponytails. If done properly, the top ponytail should hide the bottom one, simply making you look like you have one nice long pony.

5. To create volume in your hair overnight, add volumizing gel and twist your hair into a bun, then go to bed. In the morning, blow dry your hair for a minute or two while it’s still in the bun, then let down your hair and shake out your bouncy waves.

6. If you know your hair is in need of a wash but you’re too tired and know you won’t have time in the morning, spray your hair with dry shampoo before you hit the hay. The product will absorb the excess oil overnight and you’ll wake up with grease-free, fresh looking tresses.