A Really Pretty Bohemian Hairstyle For Mother’s Day

A Really Pretty Bohemian Hairstyle For Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, whether it’s brunch at your favourite café, dinner at a shmick restaurant, or hanging out with mama at her place, we’ve got your hairdo covered with this pretty, undone, bohemian braid.

Half upbraided boho knot

Start by applying your clip-ins if you have them. Use a full headset.

Take your wand and create some random, tousled waves.

Part your hair down the middle and pull out some longish pieces either side at the front of your head to softly frame your face before you begin styling.

Take a section from the front of one side of your hair and start off with a normal fishtail braid, braiding along down to the side. As it goes along and the hair starts to get thicker, transition it into a French fishtail, pulling in pieces from the side and bringing them across, adding in more pieces to the braid as you go.

Once you think you’ve added enough hair in, just down past your ear, continue with a normal fishtail braid all the way to the end.

The key to making this hairstyle look amazing is flattening and thickening it out after its done by pancaking the braid. This is your next step so go ahead and make it look nice and full by pulling it apart a little strand by strand.

Now take a section from the front of the other side of your hair and pull it back behind your head, tying it up with the braid into a half up half down hairstyle.

Take the leftover pieces from your little ponytail and wrap it around to make a messy bun.


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