Air Dry Your Hair The Way The French Girls Do

Air Dry Your Hair The Way The French Girls Do

Achieving that sleek, effortlessly chic hair that only French girls seem to be able to nail isn’t as unattainable as you might think.

Like anything, getting a good result with something requires patience, practice, and knowing exactly what you’re working with, so it may take a little trial and error at first. It’s easier if you know how your hair reacts when you style it, so keeping in mind whether your hair is curly, thick, or fine etc, and which products work best with your hair type will help you end up with the best, most desired result.

To get a relaxed, air-dried finish that still looks up-to-date it’s important to start with the right conditioner for your hair type. Whether it’s a wash off conditioner for thicker curls or a denser leave in moisturizing cream for drier strands, this is the number one key component for fighting frizz in an air-dried hairstyle.

Use a microfibre towel to further eliminate the chances of frizz as well as being gentler on your mane. Gently squeeze excess water out of your hair with your hands then use the towel to mop up any extra wetness, leaving your hair composed and in a nice shape to start drying.

Now apply some smoothing serum, again being mindful of your hair type and what will work best to enhance your locks the most without weighing them down or not giving them enough smoothness.

At this point, you can leave your hair to dry as is, or you can try giving it some twists drawing from the 70’s inspired look that’s currently trending, of keeping hair flat on top but with textured ends. Separate your hair into strands, twist them, apply some holding product like a mousse or serum and leave until the twists have dried naturally, then comb it all out with your fingers.