Barely There Waves

Barely There Waves

Surfer girl hair is always a favourite among us chicky-babes; we are especially loving the random, soft waves that we’ve seen on celebs out and about lately. Barely there waves are at once effortlessly feminine and laid back. So, let’s stop raving about them, and give you guys the dirty on two effective ways we know that give your locks this fun, undone look!

Barely there waves technique A:

1. Starting with freshly washed or dampened hair, apply some mousse your roots, and down to around the middle of your tresses.

2. Rough-dry your whole mane until it’s around three quarters done.

3. Fix two classic braids on either side of your head, then pull apart the strands so they’re a little mussed up and loose.

Option a: If you’ve thought ahead and done this the night before, well done you, hop into bed and enjoy a restful slumber, moving straight on to step 6 when you wake up bright and bushy-tailed.

Option b: If, like the rest of us, you’ve realised at the last minute that you haven’t left much (er, almost no…) time to make yourself ridiculously good looking before you step out the door, then blow dry your hair on a medium setting for around five to seven minutes.

4. Finish getting dressed and applying your makeup, locating where your keys are even (see how much we have your back here?) to give your hair a chance to set.

5. Unravel the braids and check they are dry. If some are still damp, blow dry while twisting with your fingers.

Barely there waves technique B:

1. Start with day two hair, or, if your hair is freshly washed, add some texturizing products to give it grip and volume.

2. Apply hair extensions (unless they’re already in). Surfer girl hair needs added length and thickness to get the waves extra beachy.

3. Taking a medium sized curling wand, begin to curl the hair in sections, curling the middle part of the hair only, leaving the roots and tips untouched. The key to achieving this look is that the roots and the ends remain straight, which actually creates another subtle wave.

4. Run your fingers through your hair to break up the curls, and mist on some texturizing spray.