Beach Waves In 2018

Beach Waves In 2018

Hair & Makeup by Luciana Rose

This is the year of relaxed, tousled, natural-looking curly tresses.

Cast your mind back to the 90s, and remember how much you coveted seashell bras, along with Ariel’s dreamy red locks!

Fast forward to 2018, we can freshen up the fairy-tale inspired curls by using a technique that requires little more than a few minutes of your time, some heat protectant and your best flat iron. It’s called an S-bend, and we’ll explain how you can do it in the rest of this article.

Firstly, unless you’re blessed with super long, thick lustrous hair to begin with, or even if you are, to get extra length and volume you’ll want your longest, thickest set of Medusa Australia Hair extensions to get an ethereal, so-long-and-twisty-it’s-other-worldly effect.

Start by washing and conditioning your mop, and let your tresses dry naturally, or give them a no-fuss blow dry. Then apply heat protectant in the places where you’ll need it.

Split your hair evenly down the middle. Take a small piece of hair to begin with, and clip the rest up and out of the way.

Using one hand, create a flat S-bend – a bend that looks like an S – with the section of hair you’re holding, until it’s bent into a nice, wide, wavy curl. Take your flat iron, and gently tapping it closed, and then releasing it open again, move it down the S-bend, setting the wave into place.

Keep moving the flat iron down the piece of hair, repeating this process, creating more bends and waves with the one hand, and gently tapping over them with your flat iron all the way down. Repeat this on both sides until your entire hair is done.

When you’re finished and your hair has cooled, run your fingers through your curls to separate it and give it that final, piecey, textured finish.