Beginners Guide To Clipping In Hair Extensions

Beginners Guide To Clipping In Hair Extensions

Ok, I’ll admit it… when it was the first time for me to apply my own full head set of clip-in hair extensions, I. Freaked. Out.

Honestly, I didn’t think I could do it.

The first time, I was a little slow. The good news is, that probably by around even just the third time, I knew exactly what to do. I wasn’t running from one mirror to the next to check the front and the back. I also quickly became unable to go anywhere without wearing my clip ins, because that’s how much I loved wearing them!

I did read up on blogs for tips and tricks to help make it easier, but from personal experience, I’d like to give you my own guide to make your learning curve as swift as possible. Seriously, three times, that’s all it took, and I promise you’ll be slaying those wefts like it’s nobody’s business.

  1. Start with freshly washed, blow dried, and well-brushed hair.
  2. Lay your extensions and tools out neatly in front of you, so you can see clearly what goes where. I tried using hair elastics to section my hair out of the way as I went, but honestly, the best thing is some professional hair clips. You can get them for next to nothing at the chemist. Trust me, it’s a worthy investment.
  3. Using your fingers or your hair clips, draw a line from the bottom of each ear and bundle the rest of the hair on top of your head, clipping it in place. Just underneath this line of hair is where you’ll carefully apply the first 3 clip weft.
  4. If you need to, use a comb to tease out your roots to enable extra grip from the clip on your hair. Make sure each clip is secure and you are one hundred percent happy with it before moving on.
  5. Unclip your hair bundle, and now draw a line from the middle of each ear. This is the widest part of the back of your head. Clip in the 4 weft clip here.
  6. A line drawn from the tip of each ear should be suitable for the remaining 3 clip weft.
  7. Draw a line from the top of your ear to the centre of the back of your skull, and on this line, you can clip in the 2 clip wefts on either side of your head. Don’t worry if they cross over with another weft, just make sure they’re securely attached to the roots of your hair.
  8. The one clip wefts can be placed just behind either temple.

Shake out your hair to ensure the clips will stay put where they are, and carefully pat over your skull to ensure no sneaky bits are protruding and ruining your beautiful new mane.