Big And Bouncy Hair

Big And Bouncy Hair

No, we’re not referring to Kim K’s derriere, as fascinating a topic as we continue to find it… nah, right now we’re talking waves! The big and bouncy kind that ooze effortless glamour from the hottest Hollywood starlets! It’s official… nothing asserts beauty and style more than luscious bouncy shiny hair. Here we show you the best way to achieve this in a few easy steps.

Begin with freshly washed, towel-dried (or air dried) hair. Brush through  thoroughly to rid your mane of any tangles and spritz your roots with boost spray for some major volume. Next, blow dry your hair in large sections using a round, vented brush.

Mist a section of your hair with shine spray before wrapping them around large barrelled curling tongs. Remember to curl AWAY from your face to get that celeb worthy finish. When you are done brush out your curls with a boar bristle brush, starting from the ends and working upwards.

Create a deep side part to channel your inner glamour puss. Gently run a wide tooth comb or brush through your locks to give your curls a more natural finish. Finally, spray again all over with shine spray to keep your shape and smooth down any flyaways.

Beyonce, eat your heart out, cos we’re giving you some fierce competition!

Create your dream Gigi inspired big bouncy waves!