Caring For Your Hair Extensions

Caring For Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions need a different kind of care than your own, natural hair. They’ve often been chemically processed and coloured and treated to stay looking soft and shiny, and they’re void of the nutrients your own hair receives from the natural vitamins and oils in your scalp. If you do take time and effort when caring for your hair extensions, they’ll stay looking amazing for longer; otherwise you run the risk of dried, dull, lifeless looking hair that will quickly become unwearable and end up being a waste of money.

Less Is Best

Don’t over-wash your hair extensions, only as needed; each shampoo and conditioner will dry out the strands just a teeny bit more, so less is best. Keep product usage such as serums and sprays to a minimum to avoid build up, resulting in the need to wash more often. Your hair extensions will come to you soft and shiny due to the treatment they have received so they won’t need much of anything more added to them anyway.

Avoid The Nasties

Be sure to check the ingredient listing before you buy any hair products and look for any of the following words: SLS, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Ethyl Alcohol, Ethanol, SD Alcohol 40, Propanol, Isopropyl, and Propyl. These ingredients are super harsh and can lead to dry frizzy hair and even cause breakage and hair loss. Not only bad for your own hair, they are also highly damaging to you hair extensions.

Choose Quality Products

At Medusa we stock all the products you need to keep your hair extensions looking amazing and to extend their lifespan for as long as possible. Our Xten shampoo and conditioner is specially formulated to keep your hair extensions soft, silky, and good as new. Try our milk and shine products to add extra shine and softness as needed.

Clip In Care

Don’t sleep with your clip in hair extensions in as this will result in tangles that will be difficult to deal with in the morning.  Hair extensions will tangle more easily than the hair on your head, so you’ll need to go to a little extra effort to prevent them from knotting. Brush them before and after application, and during the day while wearing them whenever possible.

Plait To Protect

If you are wearing one of our semi permanent hair extension methods such as tape hair, plait your hair before bed or exercise. It is also a good to idea to trim any split ends from your natural hair before applying extensions as these can catch on the extension hair causing tangling.

Maintain & Replace Regularly

Maintain your extensions at regular intervals. Our semi permanent extension methods including tape, micro ring and weaves require removing and either reapplying or replacing every 4-8 weeks.