Choose The Right Highlights To Suit Your Hair

Choose The Right Highlights To Suit Your Hair

When choosing highlights to suit your hair, including extension colours, it’s always a good idea to take a few things into account. Your face shape, complexion, natural base colour and lifestyle are all critical factors to consider. It’s also worthwhile to think about the type of hair you have as this can also affect which kinds of highlights will look best on your tresses.  

Curly Hair

Curly hair looks best with a thicker highlight. As the hair curls around, it will get lost in the rest of the curl if the part that’s lightened up is too thin, so go for broader, chunkier streaks for best results.  

Straight, Thin Or Fine Hair

This type of hair looks best with a thinner highlight, as you will be able to see everything that’s done a lot more clearly. It’s also good to have a shadow root too; not only will this help to give the illusion of thicker hair, but it will also help to blend the process of light to dark. This will lessen the chances of any stripiness occurring, which is likely to be more visible in straight, thin or fine hair.  

Thick Or Frizzy Hair 

One of the purposes of adding highlights to hair is to add more dimension and texture. You don’t necessarily want or need this with this type of hair, so it’s best to go subtle, with minimal highlighting and sticking as close to a natural look as possible.   

Short Hair 

Keep it blended and natural, stay away from thick and stripey: you don’t have enough to work with for it not to look artificial and poorly done. 

Long Hair 

One of the benefits of long hair is you have more of a canvas to play with. If the hair already has texture, feel free to go as chunky as you wish, depending on your personal style and preference.