Christmas Party Hair Tips

Christmas Party Hair Tips

Christmas means lots of things. Santa, eggnog, sparkly trees, bad sweaters, Christmas movies, family, presents, carols, elves… oh yeah, and end of year parties!

I’ll be honest, I used to dread the end of year work bash, and not because I don’t love a fun night out on the company card.

It was because it freaked me out to see everybody out of context.

It took me some time to get into the after-hours festivities-with-my-colleagues groove. However, I’m proud to share that I’ve now I’ve figured out how to not only get through the night smoothly but to relax and have a wonderful time, using four simple strategies:

1. Drink alcohol, not too much obviously, you don’t want to end up face-down in the fake snow, but a first-up glass of bubbly does wonders for calming the early-evening-banter nerves.

2. Have an exit strategy. You know, in case you get stuck at a table with that guy from Accounting, the close talker with halitosis. Even if I score a good table, knowing I can leave
at a moment’s notice without needing to explain myself helps me to chill out more.

3. Dress comfortably and confidently. You want to be able to enjoy the night without fear of buttons popping or heels breaking.

4. Look fabulous.

While strategy numbers 1 through 3 are all up to you (although may I recommend no more than one glass of alcohol per hour, and note that it’s always good to have ‘another’ party to go to), we can definitely help you out with some hairstyling tips for strategy number 4.

First and foremost, now is the time to get those tape or weft hair extensions purchased from Medusa Australia, and professionally applied by your stylist, a week or so in advance. Alternatively, make sure you have your clip-ins handy, and you’re practised and confident in applying them yourself. Our top quality human hair extensions will instantly and effortlessly transform you from office girl by day, to super cute fox by night, by giving you gorgeous, cascading hair for days.

Practise your hairstyle pre-event until you’re certain it’s just right. If it’s tumbling, voluminous curls you’re going for, work in some hairspray for hold on the night and think about adding glitter or hair jewels for extra bling. If it’s long and sleek, use shine serum to ensure lasting smoothness and mirror-shiny gloss. If you’re planning on wearing an updo like a chignon, once you’ve mastered how to do it (or your stylist has figured out what suits you best), mist on some perfume like a French girl would.