Colour Me Good

Colour Me Good

Is there anything worse than leaving the salon after spending hundreds on hair colouring and bursting into tears right away? Spending the whole way home checking yourself in the mirror and then again at home while anxiously asking your flatmates/bestie/partner/mum if they REALLY think it looks ok, no REALLY? … all the while with that sickening feeling that you know it really ISN’T?

Well, truthfully there ARE a number of things that are worse than that… but getting your hair coloured and then hating it afterwards really sucks! So let’s talk about how to avoid wasting your money and time and potentially doing irreversible damage to your locks.

Firstly, we recommend you get comfortable with the idea of what you want by doing your research online beforehand. Celebs are the best for hair inspo!

When choosing your colour take into consideration what will work best with your eye colour, eyebrow colour and complexion. Just as we choose our makeup depending on our warm or cool skin tones, knowing whether you have warm or cool undertones is essential to being able to select the right hair colour. If you don’t know whether you are warm or cool examine the veins in your wrist under natural light. Bluish looking veins equal cool undertones and greenish veins equal warm undertones.

Consider how often you are willing to get touch ups, and how the regrowth will look with your natural hair coming through. The further away from your natural shade the more obvious the roots will be.

A professional will cost more but the results will speak for themselves. As well as getting top notch colour painted in correctly, a head massage and a professional blow dry, they will be able to recommend what colour will suit you best depending on your preferred look and lifestyle. They will also know how much and what kind of colour your hair can take while still staying healthy, bright and shiny as possible.

Prevent colouring hairtastrophes and save your hair.