Cool Winter Hairstyles

Cool Winter Hairstyles

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean your ‘do has to freeze up. Turn up the heat with these sizzling hairstyles, which are headwear friendly, and kind to your mop during crisp weather.

The Quarter-Up:

If you’re torn between wearing your hair up or down, this will pull your hair off your face to show off your gorgeous mug whilst still allowing your locks to tumble around your shoulders and stave off the chills.

Curl sections of your hair with your favourite curling wand, then tease the front of your hair for some volume before pulling it back off your face. Secure the style with bobby pins and mist with hairspray to finish.

Side Up-do with a Twist:

This looks best with a messy, ‘undone’ kind of vibe, so don’t worry if you need to take your beanie off when you come inside to sit by the fire.

Step 1: do a quick, rough job of curling your hair before you begin. You want an unkempt look, so don’t be too particular or take too much time.

Step 2: divide your hair into a roughly diagonal part, three-quarters of the way to the left, all the way down the back of your head, and clip each side up and out of the way with a single clip each.

Step 3: with the section of hair on your right, create a low, messy side bun using a single elastic, from any of the hair that hasn’t been caught in the clip.

Step 4: release the hair from the right clip and pin strands of curls in a haphazard fashion to your head and to your bun, keeping it loose and casual.

Step 5: release the left side of your hair, and, starting at your temple, twist it alongside your head, incorporating more hair as you work your way downward. Pin the twist underneath your bun.

Feature images – Emma Chen Artistry