Cream Soda Hair

Cream Soda Hair

There’s a new trend in town and it comes replete with its own cute and wacky name. Move over bronde, the hair colour that all the cool girls are requesting now is ‘cream soda hair’.

If this is conjuring up images in your mind of poolside effervescent drinks, circa 1970’s, your association is spot on. The sweet term was created by hairstylist Sunnie Brook, whose client list includes Elisabeth Moss and Hailey Baldwin, and evokes retro days of glamour. It’s a nod to the earliest supermodels from back in the day, such as Cheryl Tiegs. Gigi Hadid is already on board with the rich beige tones, and is rocking a mane with long layered waves in gradients the colour of butter and cream.

It’s less an all over block of colour, and more of a mix of brown and blonde, weighted towards the lighter side. On the scale of blonde, it sits somewhere between platinum blonde and the honeyed notes we’ve seen of late.

The best part of having your locks dyed to achieve these warm, caramel hues, is that it will make your face ‘glow’. This is a natural effect produced from being bathed in the soft, shaded high and lowlights.

Your tresses will thank you, as you can use your own natural hair colour to work off as a base, so there is no need for an all over, harsh, bleaching job. And it’s perfect for blending dark roots with lighter ends, meaning less frequent trips to the salon for root touch-ups.

Extend your lengths and add effortless volume in your own version of cream soda hair by applying Medusa Hair extensions in blend 10/22#.