Create Your Own Custom Hair Extensions

Create Your Own Custom Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a girl’s best-kept secret, along with micro bladed eyebrows and eyelash extensions. We know you don’t want to look like everyone else, but we’re guessing you do want people to think you woke up looking like you were born with lush tumbling locks and eyebrows to die for.

The ultimate goal is for your hair extensions to blend so seamlessly with your own hair colour that no one can ever guess that you are wearing them.  This is why we give you the opportunity to create your own custom coloured hair extensions.

What If We Don’t Have A Colour To Match Your Hair?

We carry stock of many of the most popular colours, lengths, textures and types of hair extensions. The possibilities are almost endless but sometimes we might not have specifically what you are looking for already made up. The great news is that we can, in most cases make it for you. We list just a few Medusa Made to Order products, so if there’s something you need and don’t see it, just ask!

Your custom orders are created by our team of professional stylists, but only after our Medusa experts have spent time discussing which colour blend, length and weight you require to create extensions that are exactly what you are looking for.


Other Things To Consider

Important things to know before ordering your custom hair extensions:

  • Our extensions range from light to super heavy, depending on your needs
  • When you place your order, send through inspiration photos and photos of your current hair colour to help us accurately colour match
  • Please allow approximately 2-3 weeks from order to delivery (depending on stylist availability)
  • Payment is upon order, however, Afterpay is available

It’s that easy to achieve your ultimate hair goals with a look that is literally made for YOU.