Curly Vs Straight Hair

Curly Vs Straight Hair

Over the years I’ve had a ton of fun experimenting on my locks with different hair lengths, styles and colours (unsurprisingly, almost everybody remembers my blue hair phase!)

In fact, I can scroll through my Facebook photos and tell you what calendar year it was from the way my hair looks.

In the 90’s there was the spiral-permed, curly hair phase, followed by the pin-straight hair years in the 00’s. At the moment, I’m going for beachy waves, but I expect that will change sooner or later also.

The thing is, I can’t decide out of this range of hair creations, which it is I prefer the most.
Especially when it comes to having my locks either dead straight, or curly. I won’t deny that I love equally how they both look. Yet, I also wonder… how do these two different styles manage to have such a striking effect on my overall look?

A little research helped me shed some light on the subject, and straighten out this curliest of issues once and for all!

Here’s what we know about some of the physical and psychological effects possible on people when we see a gal with curly, versus straight hair:

Curly-haired girls:
 Are seen by men as feminine and sexy
 Will flatter most face shapes, unless you have a round face shape, where curls will tend to make your face look rounder
 Can give the illusion of an instant face lift, as the busyness and texture of curls will draw the eye away from wrinkles
 Gives the impression of being a welcoming, friendly, warm and fun person
Straight-haired girls are seen as:
 Pulled together, responsible, mature, and conservative
 As the hair in general looks less crazy, in general a straight-haired girl is perceived as less crazy
 Can come across as unfriendly, harsh, or severe, which can be counteracted by
adding volume