Day-To-Night Hairstyles

Day-To-Night Hairstyles

Don’t worry if you have a big evening planned for immediately after a long day at the office. Try one of these versatile hairstyles to take you effortlessly from desk to dinner, and look great all day long.

Slicked back and down: this works during business hours as well as in the evening. Blow dry your hair until it’s stick straight, and then straighten it with your flat iron if you need to. Smooth back the hair on your crown with a little water, then gloss it over with an even coating of styling gel.

Topknot: flip your head over to blow dry straight. With your head still down, gather your hair up into a ponytail at the crown. Separate the ponytail into two pieces. Wrap one piece around the base, and secure with pins. Wrap the other piece around the other way, secure with pins, and spritz with texturising spray. As the day draws to a close, loosen it up and pull out some wispy strands for a casual, sexier ‘do.

Low ballerina bun: blow dry hair straight, part it down the centre and smooth it into a low ponytail. Slip the hair into a sock-bun or donut-bun tool, which winds the hair into a perfectly round shaped bun. Secure excess hair with bobby pins and mist with hair spray to keep everything in place.

French twist: this hairstyle carries through from day to night perfectly, especially with the casual pompadour feel at the front. Tease hair lightly from the front of the hairline back to the middle of the head, and set with hairspray. Sweep your hair back to one side with your hands and roll from top to bottom, securing with pins, and letting any flyaways do their thing.