Double Dutch Braids

Double Dutch Braids

These days there is a new meaning to the phrase ‘going dutch’, with the likes of Kim K, Khloe K, Kylie Jenner, J-Lo and Rita Ora all having been recently spotted adorning the latest trend in hair braiding, known as double dutch braids.

What makes a dutch braid different to a french braid is that instead of crossing the strands of hair over each other they are crossed UNDER. This pops the braid out and the overall effect is a lot more striking than when compared to the more commonplace french style braid.

To try them out for yourself, the first step is to begin with a really clean centre part. The easiest way to do this well is to take a comb and sweep it back from your nose. Clip one side up and away from the centre so as to avoid any sneaky bits of hair crossing over as you work the other side.

Apply your hair extensions at this point, taking care to place them where they will be hidden away from the centre part and underneath where the braiding begins. We really recommend hair extensions with this hairstyle as this will be the key to transforming somewhat lifeless, short and skinny braids to eye-catching luscious feature pieces.

Divide the side of the hair you will be working with first into three even sections. Weave the far right strand under the middle one, then the left strand under the middle and continue down, adding more hair from the roots as you go. Keep plaiting all the way to the ends of the hair and tie with an elastic.

Repeat on the other side, taking care to mirror the positioning of the first side to keep both sides even and matching as much as possible. Spray with texturing spray and pull the strands out a little for extra fullness. Don’t even worry if it’s a little bit messy as that will actually work perfectly with this hairstyle!