Easy Cool-Girl Hairstyles

Easy Cool-Girl Hairstyles

Some of the most fashionable It Girl hairstyles currently trending also happen to be the easiest to re-create. Here are four of the most mind-blowingly cool hairstyles, that are simply a cinch to throw together.

Tousled ponytail: Start with second-day hair. Apply heat protectant spray, then wrap 5cm sections of hair around your smallest curling wand or flat iron (either will do). Let cool, then pull into a loose-ish ponytail and secure. Wrap a small section around the base to hide the elastic, and tuck it in. Run your fingers through your ‘tail’ to separate the curls for the tousled effect, then finish with a dusting of light hairspray.

Side-flip: Deliciously casual-chic, when done right this will help you look like the girl next door that you want to be friends with, and you’re secretly jealous of as well. Tip your head upside down and ruffle your fingers through while you spritz with salt spray to boost your roots and add textured volume. Create a deep side part, then spritz with hairspray to hold everything in place.

Half-up half-down: Try this with a tiny ponytail or in a bun, or incorporate braids and twists for a boho flavour. Texture is key to this look in order to modernise it; think 90s playground-girl all grown-up.

Surfer girl waves/mermaid locks: Long, tousled, beachy tresses are made possible with the addition of gorgeously lengthy hair extensions. Part hair in the middle and add some randomly placed curls with your tongs. Mist with texture or salt spray to finish. Add a chunky braid on one side of your hair to your beachy tousled waves, and turn your surfer girl hair into mermaid hair.

Feature Image Hair – Emma Chen Artistry