Easy Costume Ideas and Hairstyles for Halloween

Halloween is a guilty pleasure each year that permits us to be naughty and nice with sugar and spice, from the day into all night. It means blowing the dust off our dress-up box to unleash our inner artist for the Halloween hairstyles, the makeup, the shoes, and the drinks. Can't forget the drinks! 

A Halloween party is like Christmas after dark but with treats, fake blood, spooky accessories and magic. It's safe to say we all love to lean into the cheeky gloom of this holiday. 

It is near impossible not to get carried away or overwhelmed when looking for the perfect Halloween costume, so I thought I would pull some quick tricks sprinkled with unique touches so that you have a few keepsakes to take away. 

Outfits and hair ideas

Like you, I always think I'll have enough time to plan my entire costume and then in the days before, I'm scrambling the bottom of the box and need a quick and effective look. We are here to help with that and have some killer Halloween hair ideas! 

Harley Quinn

This Halloween hairstyle doesn't require any decorations and is perfect for people pulling together a look the night before Halloween. If you have some Clip In hair extensions (you could also use two ponytail hair extensions), dip them in pink and blue temporary hair dyes and either create simple pigtails (see below) or wrap them in taffy buns. Note: To finish your taffy buns properly, you'll need to brush the hair ends for a perfect knot.

Poison Ivy 

One of my perennial favourite Halloween characters has always been Poison Ivy. The iconic red Halloween hair is a must. Because I am blonde with short hair, I have to be realistic and creative so one year I purchased two bright red Hawaiian leis, cut the first one in half, slid off all the flowers, and used them to weave through my own hair. The second wrapped around my head like a flower crown. 

I upped the ante another year by ordering a set of custom coloured Clip In hair extensions from the Queens at Medusa Hair Extensions. The made-to-order extensions arrived in around three weeks (pretty fast for a custom order!), and the extensions gave me an epic deep red fullness the leis on their own couldn't achieve. 

Conveniently, we had an old green sheet in the linen cupboard, so I looked up some tutorials on how to tie a toga or a dress and found one that worked. I finished the look with long green gloves, and everyone loved the result! 

Bane or Batman will be perfect if you want matching costumes with your beau. Otherwise, Ivy is a crowd-pleasing killer on her own! 

'Tangled' Rapunzel hair 

Now, if you love the flower idea and you're looking for Halloween hair and a family-friendly character where everyone can get involved, I have a small but deep love for Rapunzel. By the way, your kids will love 'Tangled', the latest remake of the Rapunzel story. 

I found a great tutorial on how to tie a similar braid to that of the film. With some flowers, bobby pins, pearl stickers and butterfly clips, this cute Halloween hairstyle is easily created on your hair, especially if you add in a Medusa Halo hair piece or my all-time favourite Original Clip-In extensions for loads of length and fullness. 

For your dress and costume, you could go with Rapunzel's magic purple vibes, although I've seen friends get creative with pink and white too! Add a frying pan for your prop, and wallah! If your pals want to be in your Halloween Tangle tribute, Rapunzel's supporting acts are her trusted chameleon, the dancing maidens, bandits, witches/stepmothers (hehe), and of course, a prince to go matching with you! How could they say no?

Clown costumes 

I have gone with a 'Jack in the Box' Halloween costume, a play on the Joker, and clowns for our spooky lovers. Who doesn't love clowns? There are a few ways to go regarding makeup and easy Halloween hairstyles for this look. What you decide on depends on whether you have short hair, long hair or natural curls. Some styles are more complicated than others, but all are dazzling and efficient! 

I've given a few examples, but don't be afraid to surf YouTube or TikTok for more ideas. 

Space Buns and hair accessories

In terms of Halloween hair ideas, we went for Space-buns. This cute Halloween hairstyle is always a crowd favourite. If you don't have lots of length in your hair but are set on this one most out of all the Halloween hairstyles, grab a hair donut and a bobby pin or 20 and fake it until you make it!

Tip: Try the wide bun look for maximum effect, because you can heavily accessorise with spiders, spiderwebs, or jingle bells! 

Grab a tutu or two and some stripy socks, and you're all set.

Get inspired

We want to inspire you, and even though you might not be keen on the whole costume, take some pieces out because all these Halloween hairstyles may work for what you want! Use it for fuel to create something new! You will undoubtedly look terrifyingly fabulous! The more you play with costumes, the more fun you'll have. Be patient with it, and be sure to make time for chocolate and creepy cocktails! 

Annah Mia Clune  is a Byron Bay based New Zealander. Annah is in her happy zone when she is playing with words, telling stories and making music. If she isn’t spending time with her partner and friends, you can almost always find her snuggling with her sweet Labrador x, Loki.