Festival Hairstyles 2017

Festival Hairstyles 2017

Photo Mel Carerro | H&M Luciana Rose

Splendour in the Grass is only days away and every year it makes us feel like spring is just around the corner! We can’t believe we haven’t talked about how great the festival hair has been so far this year! Space buns, glitter roots, pastel hues, flower crowns, knotted head scarves, and braids of all shapes and sizes dominated at Coachella. Here are a few notes that will help you nail an insta famous look and get you noticed by all the right people:

Braids: try a double or triple parted braid – and make sure you wear your hair extensions to up the wow factor. Alternatively, a loose, side, fishtail braid, that’s half undone, can look rock-chic, especially if you pump up the length and volume with some clip-ins.

Messy top knot: you can have it off centre and bulk it up with a couple of extensions if you want. It actually looks better with dirty, messy hair, and will keep the hair out of your eyes, helping you to stay cool while you eyeball your favourite bands and any additional surrounding eye candy!

Messy bun with a head scarf wrapped around your forehead: practical, cool, effortless, colourful, easy, tick.

Beribboned flower crown over long beachy waves: after washing your hair, scrunch with mousse, then blast until it’s 90% dry. Twist up sections and pin to your head loosely. Once it’s dried completely, undo and rake your hands through once or twice before misting with hairspray to finish. Bobby pin the crown to your head so nothing is moving anywhere you don’t want it to.

Pigtails: straighten your hair, sweep it up on either side and go nuts with some pastel chalk. Now’s the time to channel your inner Rainbow Brite.

Space buns: Tease up two pigtails before twisting and pinning them into place. Spray the roots with glitter so you sparkle even more!!

Images sourced via Pinterest