Get Victoria’s Secret Model Hair

Get Victoria’s Secret Model Hair

This year, as usual, I revelled in watching the divine Gigi Hadid, along with the rest of the other-worldly beauties who make up the annual Victoria’s Secret show, strutting with superhuman confidence down the runway. At some point, I decided that the only thing I wanted more than your average angel’s legs, abs and butt, was supermodel perfect, never-ending tresses!

After researching tips and tricks from some of the best hairstylists around, as well as trialling a few of these methods myself, I’ve managed to have some success in achieving my own beautiful, show worthy locks.

Here are the steps to getting (well, close to!) Victoria’s Secret model hair:

Step 1: the first step is to utilize your favourite hair extensions. This is the best way to add effortless volume and length to your mane. Medusa Australia offers a top-quality, wide range of extensions to suit your needs. They come in different colours, lengths, and methods of application, so you’re sure to find something that will be the right fit for your hair.

Step 2: Section your hair off into four parts, two on the top, and two on the bottom. This will enable you to get your curls curled quicker, as you’ll be working in an orderly, structured fashion, and won’t miss a strand.

Step 3: using a small barrelled curling wand, curl your hair in alternating directions. Don’t worry if the spirals are super tight, as when you style them they will fall out a bit anyway, creating the wavy, bendy look that you’re after. Leave a few centimetres straight at the end, this is the key to a less ‘done’, more natural finish.

Step 4: Once your hair is curled, resist the urge to rake your fingers through your hair right away, instead, leaving them to cool for a few minutes. This ‘cooling off’ period will ultimately help your waves keep their shape for longer. After five minutes, when your hair has cooled, go ahead and shake those ringlets out with your fingers.

Step 5: The final secret to creating piecey, relaxed waves is hair pomade. Rub it with your hands to warm it up then gently run it through your hair to give it hold and texture, and prevent fly-aways.