GUIDE – Hair Extension Maintenance

GUIDE – Hair Extension Maintenance

Hair extensions can and will look oh-so-amazing – when you’ve purchased the best quality available such as our Medusa Australia extensions. However, if you don’t take proper care of them, you may as well not bother.

The beauty of hair extensions is that they create long, luscious locks for you in an instant… and it’s worth keeping them that way! If you don’t put in the effort to upkeep them properly, you could end up with shredding, balding, or your hair resembling something close to a bird’s nest!

It’s not difficult, but in order to ensure your tresses stay silky smooth and look amazing without ruining your own hair in the process, be sure to keep up the proper required maintenance and you’ll be able to show off a stunning-looking mane that lasts for months and months.

  1. Use the right products

It’s important to use the correct products in your hair extensions to keep them vibrant and healthy. Normal hair on your head receives nutrients that occur naturally in your body and come through your scalp to keep it looking healthy and well, helping to restore any damage that comes with everyday wear and tear.

Hair extensions don’t have this, so they need a little extra TLC. This is why it’s essential to use products specifically made for hair extension hair, specially formulated to target the extra fragility and dryness of hair that’s been treated and separated from its original source of nutrition.

We put our hair through a lot, styling it with products and hot irons and hairdryers, and exposing it to salt, chlorine, and extreme temperatures. Normal hair will recover quite well due to the proteins it receives naturally from your scalp. But hair extension hair, even high-grade hair like our Medusa Australia hair extensions, needs extra moisture to prevent unsightly dried out split ends and tangles.

Some cheaper products will contain things like protein, keratin, alcohol, and sulphates (a cheap filler that is used in some supermarket brand shampoos). These ingredients are detrimental to hair extensions and will result in knotting and matting.

Make sure you get the right products specifically made for hair extensions. At Medusa Australia, we supply all of the products you need to keep your hair extensions maintained in perfect condition for as long as possible.

  1. Keep your professional maintenance appointments

If you’ve had your hair extensions professionally applied, regular visits to your hair salon when recommended, usually, every 4-6 weeks, are necessary to keep your hair extensions in the best condition possible.

We naturally shed over 100 hairs a day and these hairs will need to be released by your hair technician so they don’t sit in the attachments to your hair extensions causing problems. Every day you shed a little hair you also lose a bit more strength in the roots of your hair that are holding the hair extension on, and if this isn’t properly maintained it could result in your hair extensions holding on by a few hairs, which will pull heavily on the roots and lead to bald spots.