Hacks On How To Make Your Hair Look Thicker

Hacks On How To Make Your Hair Look Thicker

If you’re after tips on how to make your mane look gorgeously big and voluminous or shortcut to thicker hair, read on for our top hacks on how to make your hair look thicker than its ever been!

Volume Inducing Products

Thickening mousse is a thing. Apply it generously throughout damp hair from the roots to ends before blow drying and let the stylishly voluminous finish speak for itself.

Gift yourself some Medusa hair extensions. Use a full 7 piece headset or just clip in a few here and there to give your hair extra added length and volume wherever it needs it the most.

Incorporate volumising shampoo into your routine, we love Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash. It will plump up your strands, adding fullness and volume effortlessly. Just be sure to get one without sulphates and silicones which will be detrimental to your locks.

Go Easy On The Conditioner

Be cautious with the amount of conditioner you use. Conditioner is fantastic for making your hair silky soft and shiny, but too much will weigh the hair down and flatten it out.



Master Your Styling Technique

Master your blow-drying technique. Try flipping your hair over and drying it from the back of your head first, with your hair hanging downwards, to give it a boost from the roots. Then stand upright and continue to work on blasting it from the roots to give it extra volume and lift.

Brush your hair using a round boar bristle brush as you are blow drying. This will lift the hair by the roots giving it that added, desired boost.

Big Hair Don’t Care

Spray on dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is not just for eradicating oily roots. Spray it on to your hair and down the lengths, even after it’s been freshly washed, for an added kick of volume and some gritty texture.

Sea salt spray is the best for giving you big hair in seconds. Spray it generously all over and scrunch with your hands until you get the effect you’re looking for.

Wear braids to bed. In the morning, undo and shake them out and you’ll get cool, crimpy waves that look bouncy and thick too.