Hair Brushing

Hair Brushing

Personally, I find brushing my hair a bit of a chore. Usually, it’s done without much thought, right before I jump in the shower. It’s a pretty fast and mechanical job. Considering the amount of hair that has been ending up in my hairbrush lately, I figured maybe there was a little more to the daily art of grooming one’s mane than five quick yanks, which can also be sometimes a little painful. Plus (I’m ashamed to admit this… but…), do I hear the soft sound of hair snapping? Yike.

Here’s how to brush your hair properly:

Use the correct brush. Soft boar bristles are best as they are gentle on your strands and will help massage and stimulate your scalp.

Run your hands gently through your hair while conditioning in the shower to safely remove any knots and tangles.

If you wish to brush your hair while it’s still wet, use a comb. Spray on some leave-in conditioner before starting at the tips and working your way carefully up to the roots of your hair with a wide tooth comb.

When you’re brushing your hair from your roots, run the brush all the way to the tips. This will distribute the oils that your scalp produces naturally through the length of your hair, conditioning it in the process.

Don’t brush curly hair while it’s dry unless you’re purposely going for an afro-esque look that day.

Brush your hair from the bottom up. It will feel odd at first, but it’s actually the best way to tackle unruly tangles without ripping your hair follicles out by the roots.

Wash your brush every week or two. As well as excess hairs caught in the bristles there’s also a build-up of product residue left behind after each use. To wash, first, remove excess hairs, then run it under warm water, and work some shampoo into a lather around the bristles. Rinse off and set it on a towel to dry.

Image source – Women’s Daily Magazine