Hair Dusting

Hair Dusting

It’s a conundrum. When you’re growing out your lob/pixie-cut/insert-any-other-short-hairstyle-here, but you want to rid your mane of unsightly looking split ends… what’s a girl to do?

Hair grows at a rate of around 1 ¼ inches (approx. 3cm) per month, so if you cut an inch (2.5cm) off your hair every six to eight weeks, you’ll basically be cutting off all the hair you’ve grown, leaving you with the same length!

So how to get rid of those frazzled, fried ends without lopping off too much hair?

A couple of years ago, there was a trend towards Velaterapia, which was propelled into the fashion-o-sphere when Alessandra Ambrosia posted a pic of herself undergoing the hair-shortening treatment on Instagram. Velaterapia involves twisting a section of your hair and holding a candle up to the frizz that’s popping out to burn it off.

Um, yes, BURNING your split ends off!

Fortunately, there’s another way of getting those ends off that doesn’t involve checking on all the nearby fire extinguishers before you get started.

Hair dusting is snipping off the very tips of the hair with scissors. Easy, right? Actually, when done properly, it’s quite time-consuming and can be difficult to master. Smoothing the hair out before performing the required snips needs to be done slowly and with care.

The good news is that most hair stylists should be aware of this technique, and it can be done on any type of hair. Also, in case you’re wondering, hair won’t look more thinned out afterwards, just the opposite in fact. By getting rid of those tiny, stray strands, your hair will look and be thicker and fuller than ever. Removing the damaged split ends will serve to prevent the split from creeping further up your hair and creating more strand breakage.

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