Hair Styles With Clip In Hair Extensions

Hair Styles With Clip In Hair Extensions

Here at Medusa Australia, we specialise in hair extensions for all different kinds of hair, and for different lifestyles and budgets too. Our range includes, but is not limited to, tape hair extensions, weft hair extensions, and microring hair extensions, which are all designed to leave in until the end of their lifespan. These are the kind of hair extensions that you can attach to your own hair and then forget about for the most part.

With clip in hair extensions, you can choose when you want to wear them, and where to clip them in, depending on which kind of hairstyle you have that day.

With that in mind, here are two hairstyles where you can take advantage of this:

Half up, half down

Do a quick practice run without the extensions. This way you can see which parts of your hair will be visible at the roots, so as to avoid placing the wefts where they will be seen. Starting at the base of the skull, and dividing off layers of hair as you go, clip in the two clip, three clip, and four clip wefts, layer by layer. Finish off by putting the single clip wefts near the front of your head, then style.

Side braid

For this hairstyle, you will need to place clips on the side of your head where the braid is. Divide off a layer of hair at the top of the ears, and place two single clips next to each other, slightly off-centre to the left. Let down your hair, divide another section below, and clip in two more single clips. Divide a third layer of hair and clip in both of your two clip wefts. Finish off by styling side braid as usual.

Image – Marie Claire