Heatless Hairstyles

Heatless Hairstyles

After I first discovered the wonders of hair straighteners and curling wands, which was quite late in life, I quickly developed a serious habit. I wondered why I had never bothered much with my hair when really, all I needed was somebody to place a styling tool in my hot little hand to create an instant obsession!

Anyway, it got bad quickly. I was so blind to the damage I was causing, it wasn’t until I realised the crunchy sound I could hear while running my fingers through my tresses (that I had been styling relentlessly every day, and then in the evening again sometimes also!) was actually the sound of tired, dried out hair that hadn’t had a break from heat in a while. Eek.

After calming myself down from this initial state of flux, I purchased some heat protectant spray. Then I started to research, and experiment with other ways to make my hair look gorgeous, whilst giving it a break from the straightener, curling tongs, and blow dryer.

Here are two of my favourite heatless hairstyles that are also quick and easy to do:

Beachy waves while you sleep:

  • Twist sections of your hair as tightly as possible, and pin them onto your head using any kind of hairclip, just make sure you’ll be comfortable while you snooze.
  • Get a restful night’s sleep.
  • Wake up, undo your curls, and rake your fingers through the beautiful beachy tresses that you have achieved, literally overnight!

Low, messy, three plaited bun:

  • Divide your hair into three sections and create three plaits. If you want, pick one or two of the plaits and start off it off with a French braid.
  • Twist all of the plaits around into a low bun and secure with clips.
  • This look is so simple and looks even better when it’s messy, so you can’t go wrong!