Hollywood Ponytail Hairstyles

Hollywood Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytails are one of the easiest hairstyles to reinvent and because they are so versatile, they’ll never go out of fashion. Here are three beautiful ways to style your pony that come straight out of Hollywood  

ariana grande wearing hair extensions and signature high sleek ponytail

Sleek and up high: channel Ariana Grande’s signature hairstyle. Blow dry your hair until it’s super smooth and sleek. Tie it up tightly into a high ponytail, using two elastics if necessary for extra hold. Use a smoothing serum to banish any flyaways on your headWrap a small piece of hair around the hair tie and bobby pin underneath, then use salt spray to give it some texture. Pull out random pieces and crimp them from top to bottom with a crimping iron 

Tousled: Blake Lively makes this look effortlessly cool every time she pulls it off. Start with dry shampoo at the roots to add texture, then tease lightly with a brush. Gather the hair into a ponytail at about medium height on the back of your head. Slide the elastic back down your hair a little, separate the pony into two sections, then push the elastic back up. This should tousle the crown of the hairstyle. Wrap a section of hair around the elastic to cover it, and finish with pomade for a piecey look on the tail. 

olivia wilde side on profile wearing bubble ponytail and bangs

Low with banded sections: a la Princess Jasmine, although the banded ponytail has also been seen around town on Bryce Dallas Howard and Olivia Wilde too recently. For best results, wear hair extensions for this hairstyle to create a better ‘bubble’ effect. Tease hair lightly, then gather together into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Continue tying elastics all the way down the ponytail, spaced at about 5cm apart. To make sections look fuller, pull hair horizontally in between hair-bands 

Feature image – www.self.com