How To Add Volume To Your Hair

How To Add Volume To Your Hair

Fine, soft, feathery hair might look adorable when you’re a toddler, but trying to look your best at work and play a couple of decades or so later, thin hair can be frustratingly difficult to manage.

As somebody who is genetically prone to fine, baby-like hair myself, here a few tried tested and true tricks that I’ve picked up over the years. Check out these tips that are guaranteed to successfully add volume to your mane, even if your hair is super-fine:

– Use a volume building shampoo. They really do work.

– Be sparing with conditioner. Apply it only to the mid-lengths and ends, and wash it out properly. Conditioner is good for adding shine and softness to your hair, but too much will weigh it down and flatten it out.

– Blow-dry your hair, and blow dry it every which way you can. Create your own technique where you are using the blasts of air to give your hair its own natural boost and volume at the roots. Start upside down and then dry it to the left and the right, giving it as much lift at the roots as possible.

– Use dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is not just for when your hair is on day two or three, it works great to add volume to freshly washed hair too.

– Apply Medusa Hair extensions for instantly beautiful long, thick, voluminous hair, any time.