How To Apply Clip In Hair Extensions

How To Apply Clip In Hair Extensions

Have you ever wondered how to apply clip in hair extensions at home but currently the whole idea seems a little out of your league? You are not alone.

Epiphany Time

On the twentieth visit to the salon with my custom colour matched extensions clasped firmly in my hot little hands, my hair stylist finally pointed out that as much as she loves to see me, I could save a bunch of precious going-out money by learning how to clip them in myself.

Practice Makes Perfect

After a quick demonstration and a little patience and practice, I am now applying my extensions like a pro! Give it a go and I promise, it will become as second nature as straightening or styling your hair.

To help you get started, we’ve made this easy how-to video guide –

Styling by Em Louise – Jarrah Hustler Hair

Step By Step Application

  1. Select the best length, weight and Clip-In Extension colours to complement your own hair
  2. Section off your hair and clip securely
  3. Start at the back and begin by clipping in the large wefts first
  4. Move to the sides and apply the smaller wefts as shown
  5. Release the clips and brush through to blend the extensions with your real hair
  6. Section again and style as normal using your regular heat tools

Need Extra Support

If you need a little extra assistance, our FAQ’s will answer most questions you might have. If you still need a little extra guidance or help to choose the right extensions, send us a message, we’re right here for you!

Good to go? Then follow the simple instructions above and start clip, clip, clipping like a pro!